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RO Water Filling Stations in the Works

BCS Family,

The concern over water quality in Brunswick County continues to be a conversation as we look for solutions to filtering out PFAS in drinking water.   As Brunswick County Commissioners continue support in reaching a long term solution for all residents of the county,  Brunswick County Schools Board Chair Ellen Milligan has been in talks with each individual board member and all have agreed to pursue the addition of a reverse osmosis water bottle filling station at each school.  Superintendent Dr. Oates has been instructed to look into the process of getting these stations installed at each location. 


This process includes what options are available, where they would be installed inside each school, and other aspects of the project.  Initial funding of the RO water bottle filling installations will be provided by Brunswick County Schools.

The Board of Education appreciates the Brunswick County Commissioners efforts to reach a long term solution and the continued support of the community. 
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