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Reverse Osmosis Water Station Testing to Begin

BCS Family, 

Brunswick County Schools will begin testing two Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration systems at two schools in the next week.  The purpose of testing is to make sure we put water systems in place that fit the needs of our students and staff.  Companies "Quench" and "Culligan" have been chosen as potential vendors and they will set up their systems at two sites.  Lincoln Elementary will get the Quench system and Belville Elementary will get the Culligan system for testing.  A 3rd party testing lab will process "before" and "after" station installation water samples for assurance that the systems do what they say they do and don't waste time and money.  
During the committee meeting for Operations on February 18, Board Members voted to give the Superintendent the discretion to choose a service he thinks best works for the district after the testing phase is complete.  The testing over the next week or so will give light on how much water is consumed at the fountains and how many to install. The locations will be strategic to where water fountains are used the most(near cafeteria, near an entrance from PE or Athletic Location, etc).  All schools will receive RO filter water stations.  The number will be determined after we get more insight from the two test sites over the next week or so. 
If you would like to view the detailed presentation shown to board members for informational purposes on February 18th during the Operations Committee Meeting, click HERE for the file.