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COMMITMENT: Our Mission for Racial Equity

Dr. Jerry L. Oates, Superintendent of Brunswick County Schools


As we witness the social unrest that has unfolded in the wake of the disturbing deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and George Floyd, we acknowledge that systemic racism and inequalities indeed exist. 


We are aware that even during this sensitive time in our nation’s history, some express themselves in insensitive ways--especially on social media outlets. I along with the Brunswick County Board of Education will not sit silently and allow the actions and/or words of a few paint an inaccurate picture of our beliefs and values. We believe racism--in any form--has no place in our school district. We strive to acknowledge and appreciate the differences that each of us and each of our students bring each and every day. 


We have to teach our students to be good citizens. We as adults have to model it. This includes rooting out inequalities, racism and oppression at every turn.  


Now is the time to have the hard conversations in our homes and communities and beyond about racial inequalities that are prevalent.  Now is the time to speak up when we see hate and injustice. Now is the time.


We are committed to providing the children of Brunswick County a safe and inclusive learning environment free of fear.  




Dr. Jerry L. Oates


Statement on Social Unrest