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SURVEY: Community WiFi/Childcare Options

Brunswick County Schools is a Community of Learners and as we navigate through the pandemic, we are reaching out to the community for options that could help our students when the classrooms are closed for remote learning.

We are looking for open, content-filtered WiFi locations for BCS students and childcare options for Remote Learning Days.  Wifi locations could include Brunswick County businesses, churches, community and recreation centers, etc and childcare businesses who have availability for children.


A list of options with contact information will be put together and shared routinely on our communiciation platforms so that students and parents know what is available and where it is located.

Community WiFi locations and available Childcare options will be posted to and shared on our social media platforms for all stakeholders to see.

Thank YOU for completing this simple survey and for your support of Brunswick County Schools! 

It is going to be a year of adapting, responding, and flexibility and together we can make it the best possible school year for the students of Brunswick County.