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STUDENT MEALS: New Student Meal Options


The current curbside student Summer Meal Program will change starting September 21st when the students are back in school.

FULL SEMESTER 100% REMOTE LEARNING: Starting September 21st, parents and guardians will be able to pick up the Distance Learning Meals at no cost. 

Orders, taken via previous pre-order form, will be for a 5 day frozen meal package to be picked up once a week for the next 12 weeks.  

When you arrive to pick up your first meal order, you will be given a "Distance Learning Meal Card".  You will present this card as parent verification each time you pickup meals.  Please call the Child Nutrition Department at 910-253-1092 if you need assistance with your order.

 Students enrolled in the A/B Alternating Day Schedule will automatically receive 3 days worth of frozen meals from their school to take home with them for the days they are not in school. 


This will allow each student to receive one breakfast and one lunch per day for the 5 day school week.


Current Curbside Pickup Locations:

🍎 NBHS: 114 Scorpion Drive Leland 
🍊 WBHS: 550 Whiteville Road Shallotte
🍏 SBHS: 280 Cougar Drive, BSL Southport 

All frozen food items should be kept frozen until ready to cook. Milk should be consumed or refrigerated immediately. Click on this link for Food Handling Procedures