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BCS COVID-19 Dashboard
We've put together a Dashboard that shows the specific impact of COVID-19 inside the school district. The idea is to simply have a place where the public can go to see what the current situation is inside the district. 
Only positive cases and quarantine cases given to us by the Brunswick County Department of Health will be listed on the chart.  Data shown is effective as of 9/21/2020 when students returned to face to face instruction. 

If someone in your household test positive for COVID-19 and you need to notify a school of quarantine procedures, please contact your child's school and ask to speak with the school nurse. 

📹 VIDEO: We've put together a tutorial on the Dashboard. See link below.

Examples of numbers that will be listed on the Dashboard:
✔️  A student/employee test positive and is quarantined 
✔️  If the health department determines a student/employee needs to quarantine out of precaution but has not tested positive
Examples of numbers that will NOT be listed on the Dashboard:
❌  Anyone who does not have direct impact on school campuses/buildings (like a 100% Full Semester Remote Learner or community member who test positive but is never on campus)
❌  Someone who goes home feeling sick but has yet to be tested (we would update the chart once given confirmation from health department)
Dates and locations will be included but identities will not.  
Total cases and total recovered cases will be included.
This can be a useful tool for anyone to use to see how COVID-19 is impacting our district as we move through the school year.  It can also be of use to combat rumors should you hear about something. Just go to the dashboard to check. If it's confirmed by the health department, it will be on the Dashboard soon after we receive the information.