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APPROVED: New Air Purification Systems Districtwide

During the 01/19/21 BCS Committee Meetings, Board Members approved the purchase order of new Ionized Air Purification Systems from 'Global Plasma Solutions' for the district.

What is it❓
  • This 'needlepoint bipolar ionization technology' as it is called will be installed in existing HVAC systems at Brunswick County Schools.
What does it do❓
  • Basically, it inactivates/deactivates pathogens and reduces the volume of harmful pathogens including the coronavirus and SARS-CoV-2.
It's an investment totaling more than $800,000 and will no doubt be another effective tool in helping keep our schools and clean and safe as possible!
Estimated completion of project is 6-8 weeks from contract approval(week of 1/19/21).  All schools and district buildings are part of the project.