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RESOLUTION: Board Members send Resolution to Governor

At the February 2, 2021 Board of Education Meeting, Board Members approved a resolution to send to Governor Cooper requesting him to modify Group 2 of the COVID-19 vaccination process to include public school employees. 
"The Board of Education strongly agrees that our teachers should be vaccinated as soon as possible to keep our schools safe."
-Ed Lemon, Chairman BCS Board of Education
"The success and wellbeing of a community begins with adequate educational opportunities. We must call on Governor Cooper to elevate the position of school staff on vaccine administration lists. I’m proud of our board for passing this resolution and showing we value our staff and stand with them."
-Steven Barger, Vice-Chair BCS Board of Education
If you'd like to view their conversation during the meeting, here's the link:
  • Health Director talks with Board Members at minute 2:30
  • Resolution for Governor Cooper at minute 53:00
Sitting left to right are Board Member Robin Moffitt, Board Vice-Chairman Steven Barger, Board Chair Ed Lemon, Board Member David Robinson, and Board Member Gerald Benton.
  • Superintendent Dr. Oates discusses Governor Cooper's 2/2/21 announcement at 1:13:45