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PHASE 2: School Board Votes for Plan A Redistricting

During the March 30, 2021 Special Meeting to vote on Phase 2 redistricting, Board Members voted unanimously to approve Plan A, the consultants recommendations, with the exception that students in the Mallory Creek area would NOT be moved to SBHS to help relieve projected growth in the northern region should the student population hit 1,400 at NBHS in the future.
Instead, the district will move forward with the consultant's alternative recommendations to look for ways to add capacity at NBHS by 300-400 seats to avoid overcrowding within the next 5 years.

Phase 1 focused mainly on the Northern Region of the district. The goal of Phase 2 Redistricting was to evaluate zones in the remainder of the district and make changes if necessary to better align feeder patterns and balance building utilization.
The Phase 2 Redistricting Plan will impact approximately 71 elementary school students, 9 middle school students, and 20 high school students.
Below are the main changes:
  • The approved plan moves an area from Jessie Mae Monroe to Waccamaw, which provides a 100% K-8 zone for Waccamaw while providing some capacity relief for Jessie Mae Monroe ES. The eastern portion of Virginia Williamson ES (East of Middleton Blvd /Midway Rd) moves to Southport ES, which provides a 100% feed of Virginia Williamson into Cedar Grove MS. It is currently split between Cedar Grove and South Brunswick Middle Schools. Finally, undeveloped land south of Bellville ES and east of Town Creek ES
    has been moved to Bolivia ES.
    This move was done to align with the High and Middle School
  • Slight adjustments were made to middle schools to address a feeder pattern
    inefficiency between Waccamaw and Shallotte.
    A small portion of students were zoned for Waccamaw K-5, but Shallotte 6-8.
    This has been adjusted so the students could attend Waccamaw for K-8.
    Adjustments were made to the southern part of the Leland MS and eastern part of
    Town Creek MS (undeveloped land) to align with High School feeder patterns.
  • The southern part of North Brunswick HS zone moves to South Brunswick HS
    in the recommendation. This aligns an area on the far south that was moved to South Brunswick MS in Phase 1. (this does not involve the Mallory Creek subdivision) Undeveloped land was added to South Brunswick HS as a pro-active measure to
    avoid future overcrowding at North Brunswick HS.

Please visit for more information on the Phase 2 process.