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BOARD BRIEF: September Committee Meetings

Brunswick County Schools September 14, 2021 Committee Meetings

(In Attendance: Board Members Ed Lemon, Robin Moffitt, Steven Barger, David Robinson, Gerald Benton)


Here are the highlights from the September 14, 2021 Brunswick County Schools Board of Education Committee Meetings:



1. 2020-2021 Accountability Data was presented for informational purposes. 

2. K-8 Social Studies Standards presentation for informational purposes. 

3.A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Brunswick County Health Services was to be reviewed but BCS is still waiting for additional information from Brunswick County Health Services.  MOU not ready yet.


1. Senate Bill 654

  • The School Board approved extending face covering mandate another month.  Will continue to vote each month on whether or not to change procedure.
  • Virtual learning options were discussed.   The School Board approved continuing the current learning plan of 5 days of face to face in person learning for all students, no virtual learning option at this time.

2. Policy 2230 Board Committees

  • School Board Members and District Administration discussed the monthly committee meeting procedures.  Changes to Policy 2230 were added as Consent Item for October Board Meeting that include Presentations being given to Board Members at least 72 hours prior to meeting so that they can review and ask informed questions and approval of Personnel List allowed during committee meetings as an Action Item. 

3. Policy 4316 Student Dress and Appearance

  • School Board Members, District Administrators, and Principals discussed the current dress code and the need to update it.  District will be creating a working group of staff, students, parents/guardians to come up with any changes that need to be made to dress code and those suggestions will be presented to board members at an upcoming meeting.


1. Extending the Memorandum of Understanding with Brunswick County Health Services regarding partnership to ensure Potassium Iodide (KI) is available to students and staff (South Region) as outlined in the Radiological Emergency Plan was put on Consent Item for October Board Meeting.

2. Presentation on the Proposed Placement of New Early College High School.