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OF THE YEAR: 2022-23 BCS Instructional Support Employee of the Year

CONGRATULATIONS: Join us in a round of 👏👏👏 for the 2022/23 Brunswick County Schools Instructional Support Employee of the Year...
...Ms. Jennifer Lucas, School Nurse at South Brunswick High School.
If you've ever crossed paths with Nurse Lucas, you surely notice a common theme...her positive attitude.
Honestly, her compassion is contagious and you KNOW we're serious if we're using the word 'contagious' while talking about a school nurse. 😂😆❤️
But seriously, don't take our word....
A few of her colleagues had this to say during the nomination process:
🗣 The title of Nurse speaks volumes without anything else added. Nurse Jenni has handled this pandemic and all it has had to offer with much grace. Even when the demands were such that she didn't have time for lunch, she would always greet everyone with a genuine smile and "it's going to be ok". Nurse Jenni is the epitome of light in sometimes dark circumstances. She is a pleasure to work with and it would be an honor to have her recognized for always going above and beyond!!
🗣 These past few years since the COVID19 pandemic have been difficult for parents, students and staff. As we began the 2021-2022 school year, no one knew what the year would look like. Our nurse, Jenni Lucas, has worked tirelessly to keep the entire student body and staff safe and healthy. What makes our Nurse Lucas stand out from all the rest is her positive attitude and her kind, caring actions towards all. Despite being completely consumed with contact tracing, COVID testing, quarantine protocols, and everything else COVID-related, Nurse Lucas has still been able to assist with the medically fragile students in the EC self-contained classroom on a daily basis, numerous times a day. And she is always pleasant and smiling. She maintains positive professional relationships between students, parents and staff and is truly the BEST of the BEST!
🗣 Jenni has done a wonderful job handling the COVID pandemic and all the frustrations that have come with it. She always takes care of our students, teachers, and athletes, no matter the problem at hand. She always has a positive attitude and a willingness to help!
🗣 Jenni is always helping with a smile. She is always professional and understanding even when parents and students are not showing her respect. She trains new nurses for the county and is always willing to help another nurse in the county when they have a question. She is truly a wonderful nurse and person. We are very blessed to have her on our staff at South Brunswick High school.
🗣 This year has been crazy for all staff, but more so for our nurses. Jenni Lucas is an amazing person to have on staff. She is kind, caring, and efficient. She communicates well with staff, families, and students. In a time where we are dealing with changing rules daily, she goes with the flow and is able to answer any question we have. She is a wonderful person and I cannot imagine SBHS without her.
Nurse Lucas, THANK YOU from the bottom of all our hearts for taking care of both students and staff and for being YOU. 🤗
EOY Jennifer Lucas