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OF THE YEAR: 2022-23 BCS Operations Support Employee of the Year

CONGRATULATIONS:  If you've ever called the Brunswick County Schools Help Desk because the Universe has decided that your technology isn't going to cooperate that day or maybe needed help understanding a program or maybe you just forgot your password...'ve surely spoken with Matt Ardell.
🏆 There are a kazillion reasons why Help Desk Technician Matt Ardell is the 2022/23 BCS Operations Support Employee of the Year!!!!
How much is Mr. Ardell loved?  
🗣 Let us count a few of thy nomination ways....
📞 "He's a help desk wizard that automagically fixes issues!"
📞 "Matt has gone above and beyond in helping with anything technology related. His responses, efforts and skills are essential to everyone needing support or when technology fails. His attitude makes it even better as he is always kind, funny and witty."  
📞 "Matt is always willing to help, even when I have called him 100 times with technology questions. He is always polite and quick to respond via Google Chat as well. He has saved me more times than I can count. He truly deserves to be recognized."  
📞 "Matt is always willing to help and is a true problem solver. He is fast and friendly and has been a pleasure to work with this year. I truly don't know what we would do without him!"
📞 "Matt is just amazing. He has the best attitude, is ALWAYS willing to help, and he is super patient with all of my questions."   
📞 "Matt is extremely helpful and knowledgeable. He is quick to respond and doesn't make me feel inadequate when my IT problem is a simple solution. Matt is always willing to help!"  
📞 "Matt is incredibly helpful when it comes to troubleshooting anything and everything with my computer and typically can fix it faster than I can finish explaining what the issue is. He is reliable and knowledgeable."
📞 "Matt is always willing to help me at the drop of a hat and walks me through whatever is needed to assist. I would not be able to do my job without his support!"
📞"Matt is always on call so to speak. When there is an issue or concern I can send a quick message and he is quick to respond and answer. He also does so with humor and seems to really love what he does. It is nice that since we are so dependent on technology right now, having someone that is knowledgeable and easy to talk to, helps when issues arise."
📞 "He is outstanding, he is the guy every time I call 1095, he answers and always fixes my technology issues or knows who can fix it. I have save so many hours by just calling him versus waiting for someone to come here. He has a great sense of humor and is dedicated to BCS. We are lucky to have him!"
📞 "Matt works so hard to help with technology issues. I know I can call, message, or email him and he will do his best to help me. Usually he knows exactly what to do when I need help, but if he doesn't know, he makes sure to find out and get the job done. He will send me directions when it is something that is a little complicated or direct me to the directions if they are on the BCS website. I know I can count on Matt. He is professional, courteous and quick!"
📞 "Matt exemplifies courteous customer support. He is always ready and willing to help me resolve issues whether they be user error or highly technical. I appreciate his team approach to serving the staff and students of Brunswick County Schools. We communicate regularly to determine if an issue is isolated, systemic, or outside of our network. This collegiality results in efficient resolutions and reduced frustration from stakeholders."
📞 "Mr. Ardell is a very dedicated support person for our technology needs. He has the needed knowledge for any issue that has crossed my path of technology problems. He addresses issues quickly and efficiently which is appreciated and needed." 
We appreciate you, Matt Ardell! Thank you for being you.
Also, do you know why the.... 😆😂🤗
Matt Ardell 2022