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BCS Receives $50,000 Grant to Aid in Teacher Recruitment!

Brunswick County Schools was one of twenty North Carolina public school districts to receive a $50,000 recruitment grant in 2024 from the North Carolina Teaching Fellows (NCTF) Program Commission to promote Teaching Fellows and the teaching profession! The launch of this grant initiative is a strategic attempt to create a pipeline of applicants and potential teachers to seek opportunities to engage in teacher preparation courses, pursue teacher licensure in an approved educator preparation program, and return to work in districts that continue to face recruitment and retention challenges. Districts were selected after expressing interest in expanding or building a grow-your-own-teacher program, an initial meeting, and having identified specific teacher recruitment and retention challenges.
“The NC Teaching Fellows program is proud to award this pilot grant to Brunswick County Schools to expand our efforts to recruit, train, and prepare teachers from all areas of North Carolina. By investing in local districts, we can target our recruitment efforts in areas of the state which have unique challenges in expanding the local teacher pipeline or which have established grow-your-own teacher programs. This collaborative effort is designed to bring districts together to share best practices and drive more students to enter the NC Teaching Fellows program and educator preparation programs in our state. Upon their licensure completion, these students will commit to teaching back in their home areas. Through this pilot program, NCTF is providing resources to support its commitment to become the preeminent teacher recruitment tool in North Carolina and we are grateful for the partnership with Brunswick County Schools to help lead our teacher recruitment efforts.” -NCTF Director Dr. Bennett Jones
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