The Superintendent's Report: Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork

Posted by Daniel Seamans on 10/10/2019 12:30:00 PM

Dr. Jerry L. Oates, Superintendent of Schools


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Many things make Brunswick County a great place to reside. Whether you enjoy the beautiful coastline and beaches, the professionally manicured golf courses, the serene countryside or the ever increasing planned communities, Brunswick County has something for everyone. However, what ultimately makes Brunswick County a wonderful place to live is its citizens.


As evidenced during Hurricane Dorian, the people of this county genuinely are about each other. During the hurricane, I had the opportunity to work alongside some of the most selfless people I have ever met. We worked collaboratively to ensure the safety and well-being of the citizens of Brunswick County. We worked as a team to determine the needs of our county. We worked as a team to determine the best time to close our schools and open shelters. We worked as a team to determine what supplies were required in different areas of the county. We participated in conference calls with leaders of each municipality to assess needs and provide support. While many of the people in the room carry distinguished titles, egos were left elsewhere. Overcoming yet another hurricane became our purpose.


The best quality of the people in Brunswick County is that it doesn’t take a natural event to have to prompt collaboration. I have found that this is the “Brunswick County Way”. We care for each other and demonstrate it by putting the needs of others above our own. Each person gathered at the Emergency Operations Center during this and previous storms, all have families and property they are concerned about. Despite these fears, they bravely rescue and transport citizens with special needs, field continuous calls, patrol our highways to assist stranded motorists, and make sure our utility systems are in working order. I would like to personally thank the following Brunswick County and NC agencies that continue to be true partners with Brunswick County Schools: Health and Human Services, Sheriff’s Office, Environmental Health, EMS, Social Services, Utilities services, Fire and Rescue, Marine Patrol, and NC State Highway Patrol. Their work behind the scenes not only during major times of distress--but every day--is what makes this county one of the best places to live and work!


As your superintendent, I have the privilege of leading a school system of 12,500 students in 19 (soon to be 20!) schools. I truly enjoy this experience.Yet, this position is simply one of service to not only the students of Brunswick County, but to all of its citizens. Each of the leaders I had the opportunity to work with demonstrated the true essence of servant leadership. We should be proud of the service they provide to all of us. I am truly proud to call Brunswick County home!